The Square Cat: Synopsis

Cast: 3 male / 2 female
Availability: The Square Cat is not available for production.


Sidney Glover
Alice Glover (His wife)
Steve Glover (Their son)
Susan Glover (Their daughter)
Jerry Wattis (A rock 'n' roll star) *
Arthur Brummage (An alter-ego) *

* Jerry and Arthur are played by the same actor
House-wife Alice Glover is obsessed by the rock-star Jerry Wattis and arranges an innocent, if secret, rendezvous with him at a country house owned by friends. Unexpectedly, her husband Sidney and son Steve are waiting at the house having discovered her letters to Jerry and the planned illicit rendezvous.

Having all agreed to stay at the house, Jerry arrives while Alice is changing. But all is not as it appears, Jerry is just the extravagant alter-ego of shy, bespectacled Arthur Brummage, here hoping for a quiet weekend. Sidney is highly amused by this and, following a tense confrontation, Arthur leaves the room. Alice returns and Sidney mocks his wife about her rock-star crush, expecting Arthur to return. Instead the rock-star Jerry appears and Alice faints.

Arthur, it turns out, is tired of his rock star alter-ego and yearns for a quiet life. He falls in love with Alice’s daughter Susan, but finds himself switching between the characters of Arthur and Jerry so as not to upset Alice.

With Alice unaware that Arthur and Jerry are the same person, an uproarious party is held. Jerry purposely upsets Alice and Sidney chases Jerry out of the house with a battle-axe. Alice and Sidney are reconciled and the evening ends when Susan introduces her fiancé, Arthur Brummage. Alice, of course, is none-the-wiser.

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