The Square Cat: Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes offers a glimpse at some rarely known facts regarding the writing of Alan Ayckbourn's plays with material drawn from the Ayckbourn Archive at the University Of York and the playwright's personal archive.
  • Correspondence held by Scarborough Library indicates The Square Cat was not initially planned to be part of the 1959 summer season. In a letter to the Chief Librarian, dated 11 March 1959, Stephen Joseph named the plays planned for the summer season which did not include The Square Cat. Alan believes he may not have finished writing the play at that point and the play was later incorporated into the season once Stephen had seen it and judged it was of high enough quality to produce; this seems plausible given the tours traditionally ran from January to March and Alan would have been on tour when Stephen wrote the letter.
  • The first page of Alan Ayckbourn's heavily amended personal copy of the script is reprinted below. This manuscript is held in the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York. A 'clean' copy of the script without amendments is held by the British Library.


Copyright: Simon Murgatroyd. The Square Cat manuscript is copyright of Alan Ayckbourn and should not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder.