The Square Cat: Programme

This is a reproduction of the original programme for the world premiere of Alan Ayckbourn's first play The Square Cat.


Note how the author's pseudonym, Roland Allen, is mis-spelt as Roland Allan. Alan used a pseudonym for his early plays to differentiate between his work as an actor (which was the main strand of his theatre work tab that time) and as a writer. The name is drawn from his own (Allen) and his wife, Christine Roland).
Alan is only credited for the role of Jerry Wattis, presumably to keep the surprise that Jerry is the surprising alter-ego of the mild-mannered (and uncredited) Arthur Brummage.
The Square Cat was performed without an interval. The Library Theatre's Artistic Director preferred not to include intervals during productions of plays - which famously led to Alan acting in an uncut, four-hour interval-less production of Hamlet!
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